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Before you come into our office, we’ll determine over the phone whether we feel we might have compatible people we can introduce you to. If we do, then we’ll arrange a Personal Interview in our office


“Before I came to Heart to Heart, I was beginning to give up on ever meeting anybody of any real substance. But, thanks to the caring and personal attention to each client, I was introduced to several nice


September 3, 2015

S.C.O.R.E. -ing

      We get by, with a little help, from our friends. I must admit that this, incredibly useful...

Heart to Heart Introductions is Kansas City’s Most Experienced,
Personal Introduction Service for Mature Adults.

Your special someone is looking for you too… We’ll help you find them! 

We meet all of our clients in person because we know you have unique needs and wants that a computer would never understand.

Singles that choose us don’t have time to play games. They meet lots of people, just not the right ones. Does that sound like you?

Consider Heart to Heart Introductions your dating partner in finding the person of your dreams. All you have to do is the fun part, which is dating quality singles in the Kansas City area.

We’re successful because we create a partnership between you and Heart to Heart. Imagine the potential when we combine our experience and research, with your:  positive attitude, realistic expectations, and enthusiastic cooperation

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